The Book

In nineteenth century New York City, Katryn Kline Wellington—or Princess as she is known to her absentee father, the Duke of Wellington, and also around the Bowery—walks a dangerous tightrope as she exists in the world of her mother’s secret past—one of brothels, champagne parties, passionate liaisons, and abortions. But when she is sent to the finest finishing school in Pennsylvania, Katryn’s destiny is altered forever.
After Katryn adjusts to her new life and transforms into a talented artist, she is introduced to the Mormon faith by her friend, Lizbeth Bozemon, who encourages her to join her in the primitive Utah Territory where she is embracing a wonderful life influenced by the pure, God-fearing religion. Soon Katryn, who has reunited with her father and is being pursued by many fine suitors whom she quickly rejects, cannot ignore the lure of the Mormon faith. After she decides to head west in pursuit of love, morals, and respect, her journey to a bold new world full of perilous surprises leads her to places she never imagined.